Bringing paradise garage to Peckham Rye


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Bringing paradise garage to Peckham Rye with a round-the- clock restaurant identity.

Following the success of our work on Nicholas Balfe’s second restaurant, Levan, the celebrated chef approached us for the opening of his third: a neighbourhood bar and eatery – Larry’s – to be open days and open nights. Inspired by the NYC hangouts of namesake Larry Levan, we created a brand identity for Balfe’s new spot that reimagined and reworked the iconic DJ’s downtown haunts for modern- day London.

We developed a unique graphic language inspired by Paradise Garage’s xeroxed flyers, Levan’s vinyl imprints and the lo-fi typefaces associated with New York City’s diners, dive bars, bodegas and bagel houses. Delivered with a healthy dose of irreverence in the sun-faded primary palette of the Big Apple street-level vendors’ signage, we created an identity suite that would work for an ever- changing menu, from season to season and morning to night.

From start to finish, working with Breaks has been a joy. Their initial pitch blew everyone out of the water - considered, detailed, dynamic, passionate, on brief - and the execution of the works, from the website to the branding, was exemplary.

- Mark Gurney, Co-Founder and General Manager, Larry’s