1920 – 2019

Falcon Enamelware

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Improve digital efficiencies for a newly revitalised, iconic brand established in the 1920s.


Rebuild an unwieldy codebase to bring sense and agility; consolidate multiple codebases to make deployment and maintenance a cinch; harness modern optimization techniques to ensure speed and performance; ensure content-flexibility to deliver creative messaging to increase cultural reach and sales.

We initially began work with Falcon after quoting for a new feature on an existing Shopify build.

After taking the time to investigate the current set-up we found there were efficiencies and evolutions in modern web development that they were not taking advantage of.

Image optimization techniques, continuous deployment methods and lean CSS best-practice were amongst the things we felt we could improve on.

This would not only deliver a better experience to users and customers, but also futureproof the site and allow Falcon to deploy new features at a faster rate than before.

A significant bottleneck in the current deployment process was the existence of two, almost identical codebases. This meant that any feature, once developed, had to be ported in to another website’s code and tested again.

To fix this we compared the two codebases to find both commonalities and differences, and devised a way to merge the two.

The search for a ‘holy grail’ CMS solution is a commonly tread path for many website administrators and digital agencies – we don’t agree there is any one-size-fits-all answer; instead, we aim to work with our clients to find the best solution for them.

In Falcon’s case the goal was to deliver richer content.

To do this we added new, editorial-style content-types like this one to Falcon’s existing set-up, as well as simplifying the overall structure of the admin dashboard.

This enabled the team at Falcon to navigate the dashboard faster – further streamlining the content creation process, improving reach and, crucially, increasing sales.