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The Brief

Celebrated chef and owner of Salon restaurant in Brixton – Nicholas Balfe – approached us this year to work on what was to become their latest venture: an all-day bar and dining space on Blenheim Grove, Peckham.

Named Levan, the restaurant takes inspiration from the Paradise Garage godfather and biodynamic, low-intervention wines from the Jura region. We were tasked with creating a rigorous brand identity which translated across social and digital, the restaurant interior, uniforms and print stationary.

The Response

These inspirations were a joy to work with, providing a rich heritage of design to explore. Firstly, we worked with typographists on the logo after trips around London’s wine shops and bars to see how we could utilise the Jura influence.

We also thought about how to integrate the New York club scene of the late 1970s and 1980s. We looked at icons of the era for ideas and were immediately struck by the building at 84 King Street. The facade has an imposing kind of utility; and a kindred symmetry with the style of the vacant lot in SE15.

On the left: Looking out of the window at Levan on Blenheim Grove, SE15.

On the right: The exterior and grid-like windows of 84 King Street, Manhattan – the site of Paradise Garage.

The Website

As well as looking good on the restaurant floor, the brand needed to translate across digital and social. Soft pastels were used for the main palette, which we combined with imagery of the wonderful food & restaurant space and playful, sophisticated illustrations.

We worked carefully with the Levan team to make sure the website communicated their passions and showcased the restaurant in the correct light.

We know that functionality is king on the web, and any modern restaurant worth its salt knows the importance of online bookings. For Levan, we shaped the user journeys around not only the need to be wowed by the overarching brand, but by the core feature of being able to find the restaurant and make a booking.

Our website design was recently profiled in this piece on Vice’s food channel Munchies – ‘The Rise of the Non-Sucky Restaurant Website’.

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