Neon MLB Pack

New Era

Exploring the pseudoscientific properties of an otherworldly element

From a wide-open brief, we delivered a dynamic product-focused campaign from ideation to execution that would introduce consumers to New Era’s brightest ever neon products – the Neon MLB pack. Looking away from the obvious associations of flashing signage and cityscapes, we turned instead to neon’s scientific status – its properties as a chemical element, its industrial applications, and its pseudoscientific reputation as an otherworldly element.

Working with a 3D animation designer, we forged a fantasy environment – a futuristic, digitally rendered New Era ‘lab’ – where we could present a sci-fi reimagining of the caps’ creation stories. Appearing as ‘top-secret’ ‘leaked’ lab footage, each film shows the product take form in extraordinary fashion – emerging from slime, ‘printed’ by lasers, and solidifying from gaseous clouds of smoke.