A website for the cyber security experts

Precursor Cyber Security


Develop a secure, reliable and high-performant website for a world-class cyber security company.


Write bleeding-edge, standards compliant JavaScript; integrate a static CMS; use continuous deployment methods; deliver all of this to users from a modern web server for a slick online presence with zero downtime.

To avoid the many vulnerabilites that come with PHP-based content management systems (WordPress, Craft, etc.), we built Precursor on top of Netlify CMS – a React-based, open-source, flat-file system. It’s highly-extensible and allows us to build custom-styled previews, UI widgets and editor plugins.

Our clients appreciate the simplicity of the editor as well as the lack of exposure to many web vulnerabilities – using a flat-file CMS there is also no need for MySQL (or any other database) to reduce the amount of vectors for attack.

Modern JavaScript is a beautiful thing. Delivering it to users on machines from 2011 is not. Thankfully for Precursor’s end-users we compiled the entire application to IE11+ compliant JS.

Built on React, the site is blazingly-fast and thanks to its slick design is a joy to view in any context – phone, tablet, desktop, blackberry (?!), you name it.