The Future Is In The Air: Mabel


Inspiring confidence and self-belief with authentic storytelling: on shoot with Mabel and her all-female crew.

To mark the launch of the Nike Air Max 2090, we were tasked with delivering a storytelling campaign that would not only engage the brands’ female consumers, but celebrate and empower them too.

Starring multi-award-winning popstar Mabel, the campaign tells an intimate and uplifting story of confidence and self-belief. Vocal about her anxiety complex and her struggles in the limelight, Mabel’s journey to self-belief and international success presented us with an authentic story – but it was vital it be conveyed with respect, sensitivity and honesty, with no trace of artificiality.

Citing her tightly-knit all-female team as her constant source of support and motivation, we shot and interviewed Mabel alongside the women that help make her who she is. Across multiple deliverables to live online and in-store, Mabel and her squad of dancers, choreographers, management, stylists and MUAs relay an inspiring tale of mutual empowerment and collective confidence.